Demolition of old Garages

Quick, dependable, and reliable services for the demolition of old garages to make your work simple and hassle-free. Hiring a garage contractor like Patrick & Son who implements a systematic demolition plan that speeds up the process of re-building a new garage ensures maximum efficiency in the process of building a garage.

At Patrick & Son, we as a garage contractor take the hassle out of demolition so you can sit back, relax, and watch the detached garage construction as per your plans and requirements.

With a team of expert mechanics, we have successfully demolished quite a few old detached garage designs in the Chicago and Greater Chicago Area.

Once your old garage is demolished and hauled away from the site laying the foundation for the process of building a new garage to begin.

Custom Garage Building

What are the niches a custom garage builder must keep in mind? It’s an arduous process in planning the optimal usage of the space provided to ensure that the client’s needs and requirements are met when we finally get down the garage construction. Whatever the need of the hour, rebuilding garages, building one from scratch, or even just servicing your already owned garage we offer fast, free, and fair consultations to improve your experience.

We are licensed custom garage builders for Chicago. We firmly believe that garage construction should stand the test of time. That is why we make sure the building materials for your new garage are handpicked from some of the most premium quality supplied in the market. Our team consists of master craftsmen who pride themselves in knowing the nuances of being custom garage builders at the optimum price. After all, the level of quality we have on offer isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.

The clients can choose the size, roofline style, siding, and all the add-ons they require. We build concrete, steel-framed, and wooden garages. Before planning to build a new garage, as a house owner, you must consider the amount of space you will need inside, how many windows you want for natural light, the type of doors that will provide the easiest access. To crunch these essential numbers you can consult our highly trained and experienced team specializing in concrete, garage building kits, carpentry, and budgeting a new garage and hash out all the details.

Best in Class Construction Quality

We have years of rich experience in building garages that are of the highest quality. We build garages using the most advanced equipment and technology. We are here to listen and provide the best solutions, all while keeping your budget in mind.