Patrick and Son employ garage builders that add both value and beauty to your property. Patrick and Son is a renowned garage builder in Chicago and the Greater Chicago Area. Our operations in the city as a major garage contractor are preceded by years of experience. Our work, be it garage construction, garage door service, commercial garage door repair, or building custom garages the final products are a testament to their superior build quality and the excellent services we have to offer. The client has the freedom to decide what features they want their garage to have, this is one of the few reasons that have made us one of the best residential garage builders in Chicago. We also undertake commercial garage construction and all subsequent garage door repair services.

At Patrick & Son, we are committed to delivering exceptional personalized service that exceeds all expectations, we ensure that the cost to build the detached garage is within your budget. We provide a wide range of high quality, reasonably priced services that include garage repair, garage remodeling, and demolition in the city of Chicago and adjoining suburbs. We are also residential garage builders & do commercial garage door repairing. Patrick & Son also offers free, no-obligation consultations that help our clients make better-informed decisions for their homes. The cost for our services may vary but we assure you quality service at an economical price. Feel free to contact us to kickstart your journey to owning a detached garage designed by professional custom garage builders at honest and fair prices. People always speculate the average cost to build a garage but no need to fret, we build everything from garage sheds to detached garage designs, to stand alone garage with precision and perfection.

We know that the cost of building a new garage can be daunting at times, be it a garage shed or a steel frame garage. This is why our company can assure you that we choose the cheapest way to build the garage while not compromising on the build quality.

Our familiarity with the location and all the local building codes assists us in making sure that we know exactly what kind of garage will suit your needs based on your requirement and location. Our company hires only experienced professionals that are committed to guiding you through this process and making it an enjoyable experience. Our objective in each project we undertake right form garage door repair to major detached garage construction is to remain consistent in our commitment to exceptional quality. We never abandon our clients, we are a part of the garage construction process from start to finish. We guarantee a professional experience no matter whether it is garage door framing or detached garage designs right from obtaining the permits to the completion and cleanup required in building your new garage.

Our experts provide emergency garage door repairs to easy demolition within a set time frame.

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