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Broken Springs

It’s very common for garage door springs to snap with extreme fluctuations in temperature or just wear and tear. Patrick & Son repair technicians can replace broken garage door springs and get your door operating quickly. Springs that are worn out but not yet broke can be deceiving, the spring(s) are intact but not lifting the proper amount of weight.

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Garage Door Repair

We can repair or replace the following Garage Door Parts:
•Garage Door Springs
•Track Adjustment & Replacement
•Door Weather Seals
•Torsion Spring Conversions
•Garage Door Openers
•Emergency Repair Services

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Garage Door Off Track

When a garage door becomes off track you will not be able to move it up or down. Usually, this is due to a cable breaking or the path of the door being obstructed. Our garage door repair technicians can help. At Patrick & Son we are experts in all facets of garage door repair. We can help you when your garage door cables become loose, break, or bend. In most instances we can adjust your cables to remove sag and eliminate problems.

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